KDWUD – Web Miner

I am *still* working on this web mining utility. Developing a complete application is not always easy! Though this apps is still in make phase :D, It can do few things listed below

KDWUD - Web Mining Utility

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1) Can process mostly used access log format. Common, Extended and IIS access log format.

2) Generates simple statistical data. e.g, Unique Visitors, Page hits, Operating systems stats, browser stats.

3) Generates User’s navigational behaviors across the domain as sequential patterns.

4) Multi threaded applications. Phew!

Corba Exception!!

My team was stuck! They were actually trying to figure out why one of the CORBA apps is not responding perfectly. It was throwing corba exception. Catch block was not printing any exception id either (Thanks to the programmer who wrote that module). My lead asked me to look into the issue. Here’s the *PROBLEM*! I have no idea how a CORBA application works!

Well I started somehow! Asked other members how it behaved earlier. No one had any idea why it stopped working suddenly! Anyways I tried to print the exception id in the catch block and Phew! it said COMM_FAILURE! Still no idea how to proceed.

I googled for the same error and related keywords. Finally I found command reference page of IONA orbix. This page actually gives you reference to all command using which you can interact with Implementation repository!

I deleted the server using rmit and added it back using putit. Didn’t work again! Again after googling, I found that the server which I am trying to add is persistent and I added it other way! Deleted the server and added it as persistent server again! It *worked*!

Still No clue how a corba apps works!! 🙁