Router Password – Yet Another Problem

Recently, I had to replace my wireless router, LinkSys WRT54G2, with DLink DSL-2730U.  Obviously, when you replace router, you’ll have to re-setup configuration and that’s what I started with. DLink router configuration was seamless and since it has support for in-built ADSL modem, I could remove my good old beetel ADSL modem.

Configuration for ADSL is absolutely simple steps  if you have required information from your ISP. It worked immediately and I got connected through ethernet cable. After which I tried to configure wireless setup and tried to connect via wi-fi.  Instead all I got was

Connecting to DLink DSL Router

Whoa! It started with “Connecting… ” message and then the above and finally, it failed. Surprise surprise, I did not see any error.  Windows event log checked, router logs checked. Nothing anywhere. Now keep guessing.

Thinking that I probably made mistake while configuration,  I put the router back in factory default mode and restarted the configuration manually.  While doing so,  noticed that DLink configuration UI had absolutely no feedback mechanism to the user. You keep configuring and try to save. It just saves and keeps you in the same page. Whether the save succeeded or not, there was no message, indicator or any sort of thing.  May be they can improve things here.

Now, back to wireless configuration.  I sort of guessed that it may be related to security issue.  I tried running the wireless in no-authentication mechanism and it worked.

DLink DSL -2730U Wireless configuration

Re-enabled WPA2 with pre-shared key(wireless password), and it failed again.   Clueless, and with Google also not helping me here,  I was running out of ideas.

Not sure why, I thought of changing the password to a very simple one and tried with that. It WORKED!  What happened here?

Thinking that I would have changed something else, I reset the password to the previous one and of course, it failed.   Now it was pretty much clear that password is an issue here. (How can you guess the password requirement when there is nothing in the UI/manual?)

The reason, password had a “$” (dollar) symbol. Yes, you read it right! The actual issue was when your password for wireless configuration has “$” symbol, it simply fails. Remove the “$” symbol and it works.

For the record, I noted this issue on DLink – DSL-2730U with Firmware version IN_1.02.

DLink UI




Skype owns port 80 and Apache fails

Yesterday when I tried to run Apache web server in my system, it failed to stop. All I could get was an alert message from Apache Monitor was “Requested operation has failed”. No description, No error code, absolutely vague error message.

I tried running apache directly from the installation location and it threw quite descriptive error.

Duh! Looks like apache server failed to get ownership for port 80.  But I had not installed any other web server, so which application is using port 80 ? Here is what I did to find out

1) Execute netstat -na -o command ( netstat  guide )and search for port 80.  The last column in result would indicate the process id for the application which is blocking the port

2) Execute tasklist with find command and see which application is that

Oh! As you can figure out from screenshots, skype was using port 80. So if you are facing similar kind of problem, you need to configure skype first .

Launch Skype. Click on Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection. You would notice a checkbox for using port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections. Uncheck it, save and restart skype.

Apache did start after configuring skype for me. This is just one of the case why apache throws up such error which I faced.

There could be scenario where your firewall configuration is blocking apache or you configuration file is corrupted.

Alternatively, you could configure apache to listen to other port instead of port80. Search for Listen in httpd.conf and replace port ( do not use standard ports though! ).