Emurse : Share your resume online!

Many people finds it quite difficult to maintain resume and share it online. Everytime they need resume, they would fire up Microsoft Word, make changes to the existing one, and send it to whom they want to. They keep storing resume in their mailbox so that whenever they need to send, they can just forward it. Well emurse makes your task easy if you are one among them.

On Emurse, you can create your resume online. You just have to provide the necessary details and by selecting the layouts provided by emurse, you can easily create one in different formats (RTF, PDF, DOC and others).

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KDWUD – Web Miner

I am *still* working on this web mining utility. Developing a complete application is not always easy! Though this apps is still in make phase :D, It can do few things listed below

KDWUD - Web Mining Utility

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1) Can process mostly used access log format. Common, Extended and IIS access log format.

2) Generates simple statistical data. e.g, Unique Visitors, Page hits, Operating systems stats, browser stats.

3) Generates User’s navigational behaviors across the domain as sequential patterns.

4) Multi threaded applications. Phew!